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updated at 11:25pm on 8/27/2015

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Zach Miners, PCWorld — Google has finally responded to antitrust charges brought against it by the European Commission over how it presents search results, and its pugnacious reply potentially sets up a lengthy legal battle between the company and the regulator. In the spring, the EU charged Google with stifling competition and...

google, search, european

Secondary Memes

PayAnywhere to launch Apple Pay-compatible card reader at Apple Stores

AppleInsider - Frontpage News — A company called PayAnywhere is preparing to launch a self-named card reader that could help bring Apple Pay support to small businesses, which have so far mostly foregone the technology.

apple, mobile, reader

Instagram is finally giving the people what they want

Claire Groden, Fortune » - Fortune — The square format of pictures posted on Instagram has long been a distinctive aspect of the app. But on Thursday, Instagram announced that it would also accommodate portrait and landscape pictures. Instagram acknowledged that the square format is not always most convenient for users. According to Instagram...

instagram, photos, square

Tertiary Memes

No 4-inch ‘iPhone 6c’ at Sept. 9 event, iPhone 5c to be discontinued, 5s/6/6 Plus staying

Mark Gurman, 9to5Mac — While Apple will unveil a pair of next-generation iPhones at its September 9th event, the iPhone 6S and...

iphone, apple, event

1 billion people used Facebook in 24 hours

JP Mangalindan, Mashable — For the first time ever, a mind-boggling 1 billion people used Facebook in one day this Monday. CEO Mark...

facebook, video, people

Valve bundles free copy of Rocket League with Steam Machine preorders

Hayden Dingman, PCWorld — If you’re part of the presumably large Venn Diagram overlap of “People who would love Rocket League”...

steam, league, rocket

Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview for PCs with improved context menus, easier feedback sharing

Emil Protalinski, VentureBeat — Microsoft today launched a new Windows 10 preview for PCs with improvements to context menus and themes. In...

windows, microsoft, new

An Uber Competitor Is Coming To New York's Taxi Fleet

Neal Ungerleider, Fast Company — The new app will allow you to bypass surge pricing and Uber's $2 cab-hailing fee.One of New York's largest...

uber, taxi, app

Samsung Pay beta program launches in the US

JC Torres, SlashGear — Preparing for its late September launch, Samsung has just kicked off the beta testing stage for its much...

beta, samsung, launch

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