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updated at 6:17am on 11/28/2014

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Megan Geuss, Ars Technica — In a vote on Thursday, European Parliament members voted 384 to 174 in favor of a resolution that calls for the unbundling of search engines from other commercial services to ensure competition among online companies. Although Google is not named specifically in the resolution, it's clearly targeted at the...

google, search, european

Secondary Memes

Apple’s Black Friday deals are now live: get a $25-100 (PRODUCT)RED iTunes gift card on qualifying purchases

Mike Beasley, 9to5Mac — As we noted earlier this week, Apple is now offering a one-day-only deal on its products for Black Friday. Customers who purchase qualifying Apple products will receive a (PRODUCT)RED iTunes gift card valued from $25 to $100 depending on the product. Below you’ll find a full list of the qualifying...

apple, gift, black

Report: Microsoft will unveil Windows 10's new consumer features in January

Melissa Riofrio, PCWorld — Microsoft will take its Windows 10 message of "much better this time, really" straight to the people in January. Late that month, according to The Verge, Microsoft will hold an event to show off the consumer-oriented features in the upcoming major revision of its Windows operating system. Microsoft has a...

windows, microsoft, new

Tertiary Memes

Jolla Tablet could get cellular connectivity as money pours in

David Meyer, Gigaom Search — Having hit the crowdfunding target it set for its new tablet in just two hours, the Finnish mobile upstart...

jolla, tablet, goal

Syrian hack attack forces pop-ups

BBC News - Technology — A number of websites have been compromised to display a message from a group identifying itself as the Syrian...

hacked, syrian, electronic

Get your cash ready for some unbelievably hot eBay Cyber Monday deals

Chris Smith, BGR — In addition to publishing its crazy Black Friday 2014 deals, eBay has also spilled the beans on some if its...

cyber, deals, sales

Razer Nabu Smartband Sale will start on 2nd December

affam, I4U News — Razer is the world’s leader in producing connecting devices and excellent software for games. The company...

razer, nabu, smartband

Game of Thrones TellTale series kicks off next week

Brenna Hillier, VG247 — Game of Thrones starts next week, TellTale has announced in one of its famous last-minute release date...

game, december, xbox

FAA List Of Reported Drone Incidents Indicates A Problem. But It's Not What You Think.

John Goglia, Contributor, Forbes Real Time — The FAA’s list of 194 drone sightings reported to it this year were obtained by the New York Times and...

drone, faa, reported

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