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updated at 9:23am on 5/28/2015

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Jason Schreier, Kotaku — Just in time for Hatred, an upcoming video game about a dude who goes around and mindlessly slaughters everyone, the video website Twitch announced last night that users will no longer be able to stream games rated Adults-Only by the ESRB.Read more...

games, twitch, rated

Secondary Memes

There Is No Way That FIFA's Blatter Can Stay Amid Soccer Corruption Probe

Marcel Michelson, Contributor, Forbes Real Time — World soccer supremo Sepp Blatter needs to resign, guilty or not. He embodies the FIFA, he is in charge, some of the arrested officials are vice-presidents at the world soccer body, just one rung below him. The corruption suspicions and raid alone are a big blow to the FIFA brand and the top man needs to...

fifa, world, blatter

Xbox One Controller With Key Upgrade Leaked Before E3 2015

Travis Pope, Gotta Be Mobile — Xbox One Controller With Key Upgrade Leaked Before E3 2015 is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile. Microsoft, the maker of the Xbox One video game and entertainment console, hasn’t yet taken to a stage to announce what gamers can expect from its console over the next few months. That isn’t...

xbox, controller, microsoft

Tertiary Memes

Apple Pay rewards program coming at WWDC as Target wants to add support

Chance Miller, 9to5Mac — According to a new report from The New York Times, Apple will, as expected, announce new details and...

apple, pair, rewards

Pixelmator's photo-editing app is coming to the iPhone

Edgar Alvarez, Engadget RSS Feed — After testing the waters on Mac and iPad successfully, Pixelmator is now bringing its highly rated image...

pixelmator, iphone, image

Jawbone sues Fitbit for poaching employees with access to confidential information

Dan Thorp-Lancaster, iMore - The #1 iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch blog — Jawbone has sued Fitbit over claims of poaching employees with access to sensitive information. Fitness...

jawbone, fitbit, employees

Lenovo Cast Takes on Google Chromecast

gene, I4U News — At Lenovo’s Tech World Conference today, the consumer electronics company unveiled the Lenovo Cast, its...

lenovo, cast, device

Google is adding a 'buy' button to its shopping ads

Jon Fingas, Engadget RSS Feed — That rumor of Google adding a "buy" button to shopping ads? It's true. The company's Omid Kordestani has...

google, button, describe

Microsoft to TAKE OUT THE TRASH in the Windows Store

The Register — Crap apps zapped, devs slapped Ahead of the Windows 10 launch this summer, Microsoft has decided it's time...

apps, windows, microsoft

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