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updated at 5:22am on 7/3/2015

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Blair Hanley Frank, PCWorld — It has been quite a week for Windows 10. In the past four days, Microsoft has released three preview builds of its upcoming operating system, and the company plans to keep serving up hot new bits to testers in rapid-fire style in the run-up to the OS’s launch on July 29.After spending a few days with the...

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Apple Music review: Loud, fast and out of control

Raymond Wong, Mashable — Apple Music, Apple's much-anticipated music streaming service, is finally here for all ears to hear — but should you sign up for it? That's the question we're here to answer, but be warned: That answer may vary depending on who you are. Available for iOS, Mac and PC (Android and Apple TV will get it this...

apple, music, new

Leak: Will This Unreleased Samsung Phablet Even Fit In Your Pocket?

Zach Epstein, BGR — Samsung wasn't the first company to launch a smartphone with a supersized screen, but it would be hard to argue that the South Korean smartphone company didn't popularize the category. Samsung's Galaxy Note line brought phablets to the mainstream, and phones that would have once been considered massive are...

samsung, smartphone, phablet

Tertiary Memes

Microsoft and Kyocera quietly squash patent beef

Mariella Moon, Engadget RSS Feed — Microsoft can cross out another patent dispute in its list, now that it has settled its issue with Kyocera....

patent, microsoft, licensing

'I am so TIRED of your bullsh*t...' Sprint boss flips lid at T-Mobile US CEO

The Register — Marcelo Claure in public Twitter meltdown Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has had enough of T-Mobile US chief John...

sprint, ceo, john

Reddit sections go dark after exit of staffer

John Ribeiro, Network World — The exit of a key Reddit staffer, who apparently played an important role in the bustling AMA (Ask Me...

reddit, ama, subreddits

ISS Progress 60 Cargo Spacecraft Reached Orbit

i4u, I4U News — Russian space agency Roscosmos launched successfully another supply mission to the International Space...

space, station, launch

Amid push for diversity, Intel announces departures of president and other top execs

Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat — Above: Arvind Sodhani of Intel Capital Intel announced today that two high-level executives are leaving the...

intel, james, companies

Uber wants to make sure you don’t miss jury duty

Brittany Hillen, SlashGear — The jury duty letter comes in the mail and many people immediately start thinking of ways to get out of it....

uber, ridesharing, free

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