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updated at 5:26am on 3/31/2015

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Ingrid Lunden, TechCrunch — We are still light on details, but now we know a bit more about Tidal, the high-defintion music streaming service that relaunched today, including a long list of musician-shareholders in the service and the participation of Softbank. Jay Z may be the name we’ve heard in connection with Tidal’s new...

tidal, music, streaming

Secondary Memes

Microsoft Releases Preview Of Its New Browser ‘Project Spartan’ In Fresh Windows 10 Build

Alex Wilhelm, TechCrunch — Microsoft wasn’t kidding when it promised to ship Windows 10 builds more quickly. Today, less than two weeks after its last iteration, the company has kicked out a new build that contains an important new feature: Project Spartan. The new build’s number is 10047, up a total of 6 from the preceding...

build, windows, spartan

T-Mobile Emerges an Auction Winner Technology — The latest U.S. spectrum auction lifted the value of the bandwidth T-Mobile obtained as a consolation prize from AT&T in 2012, analysts estimate, making the breakup fee sweeter for the upstart phone company.

mobile, phone, auction

Tertiary Memes

All the ways Justin Bieber reacted to the jokes at his roast

Neha Prakash, Mashable — Justin Bieber's face experienced quite the emotional roller coaster Monday night From stunned to amused to...

bieber, justin, roast

Photos now available in Google Drive, making Google even less relevant

Florence Ion, PCWorld — We’re all patiently waiting to figure out what exactly Google is going to do with its frail social network...

google, gmail, photos

Huawei Profit Jumps Technology — Huawei’s 2014 net profit rose 33% on higher revenue, as the company cited its better management of...

huawei, profit, billion

US trade body to investigate Apple after Ericsson complaints

Martyn Williams, PCWorld — The U.S. International Trade Commission has decided to investigate Apple after two complaints from Ericsson...

apple, ericsson, patents

Apple will let you trade in your Android phone toward a new iPhone

Christina Warren, Mashable — Apple has expanded its trade-in program to include Android phones, BlackBerrys and Windows Phone handsets...

apple, phones, trade

China reportedly defers banking technology regulations, relieves pressure on foreign firms

AppleInsider - Frontpage News — China has reportedly agreed to delay a rollout of regulations that would restrict state-operated banks from...

bank, china, technology

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