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updated at 10:19pm on 11/26/2015

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Peter Sayer, PCWorld — The Raspberry Pi Foundation has hit rock bottom. After years of working to lower the cost of hobbyist and educational computing, founder Eben Upton says it can go no further: At just US$5 its latest creation, Raspberry Pi Zero, is as cheap is it can make a computer. The $5 Zero follows the wildly successful...

computer, zero, cost

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Windows Defender removes potentially dangerous Dell certificate

ZDNet | The Ed Bott Report RSS — Days after security experts identified a self-signed root certificate that could allow attackers to gain access to some Dell PCs, Microsoft is using its built-in security software to neutralize the threat.

dell, certificate, root

Huawei unveils new Mate 8 flagship

Mihaita Bamburic, BetaNews — Huawei has slowly but surely been strengthening its position in the smartphone market, taking the last place on the podium in the third quarter of the year. It may not be a threat to Apple in the near future, but Huawei has a significant advantage in terms of unit shipments over fourth place holder Lenovo....

mate, huawei, android

Tertiary Memes

US testing an 'air traffic control system' for drones

Mark Harris, Technology | The Guardian — Exclusive: Guardian visits drone company PrecisionHawk developing safety tech for robot aircraftThe Guardian...

drone, tests, air

Raspberry Pi's latest computer costs just $5 - CNET

Katie Collins, CNET News — The British company is making learning to code as affordable as a skinny latte.

learning, latte, code

The biggest data center in Russia will be nuclear powered

Andrew Tarantola, Engadget RSS Feed — According to the news agency Telecom Daily, the Rosenergoatom power company is building what will be the...

power, data, russia

Staples Black Friday 2015 Sale Kicked Off Online

i4u, I4U News — The Staples Black Friday 2015 Sale is now live online. The office supply retailer's Black Friday 2015 ad...

black, deals, 2015

Best Boots Black Friday 2015 deals: from fragrance to luxury beauty

Technology — Predicted to be the biggest ever Black Friday, here are this year's best offerings from Boots

best, black, predicted

Amazon Will Sell You a Year of Unlimited Cloud Storage For $5 Today

Shep McAllister, Commerce Team on Deals, shared by Shep McAllister, Commerce Team to Kotaku, Kotaku — For a limited time, Amazon is selling a year of unlimited cloud storage for $5 (normally $60), or a year of...

storage, unlimited, cloud

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