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updated at 11:23pm on 7/2/2015

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Softpedia News (Bogdan Popa), Softpedia News > Global — Microsoft has just released Windows 10 build 10162 to users enrolled in the fast ring of the Windows Insider program, thus providing them with the third build in only a few days, which is actually faster than any time before. In case you're wondering why Microsoft is rolling out new builds so fast, it's...

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Secondary Memes

Everything you hate about Apple Music & what needs improving before converting switchers

Jordan Kahn, 9to5Mac — Many have praised Apple Music’s launch this week, although the focus has largely been on the free component of the service, a 24/7 streaming radio station called Beats 1. But how are users reacting to the rest of the Apple Music service? It received a lot of positive reviews in the media, but users have...

apple, music, new

Pixel art and pigeons: Inside Devolver Digital's quirky, retro-infused PC game lineup

Hayden Dingman, PCWorld — Devolver always has my favorite showcase at E3, and it’s not just because I get to escape from the stale-air conditioned hell of the LA Convention Center to rake in some Southern California sunshine—though that is, scientifically, part of it. Never underestimate the effect Vitamin D has on your...

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Tertiary Memes

Intel President Renée James Leaves the Company Effective in January 2016

Softpedia News (Horia Despa), Softpedia News > Global — Chip giant Intel's President Renée James, the second-most senior executive at the company, will start...

intel, james, companies

Greek finance minister claims he'll resign if the country votes for a bailout

The Associated Press, Mashable — The battle for Greek votes was in full swing Thursday ahead of a crucial weekend referendum that could decide...

vote, greece, greek

Sprint's CEO Is So Over T-Mobile's "Uncarrier Bullsh-t"

Pavithra Mohan, Fast Company — The claws are out.John Legere is at it again. The brash T-Mobile CEO is infamous for his vocal Twitter...

sprint, mobile, ceo

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus detail rundown

Chris Burns, SlashGear — Leaks aplenty have lent themselves to the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. This device is...

samsung, smartphone, edge

Bing Pong is Microsoft’s own search engine game

Brittany Hillen, SlashGear — At some point Google thought it would be fun to turn its logo into a game, and since then we’ve seen...

search, bing, engine

Netflix releases first trailer for reboot of cult hit Wet Hot American Summer

Harrison Weber, VentureBeat — Not all Netflix original series are hits, but the company sure knows how to buy its way into the hearts of...

netflix, summer, american


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