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updated at 5:22pm on 5/28/2015

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Softpedia News (Andrei Dumitrescu), Softpedia News > Global — The team at EA Sports in charge of the FIFA 16 launch is announcing that the coming football simulation will now include women's national teams, with a wide array of nations able to play against each other when the title launches on September 24. The studio will include 12 teams for gamers to select from...

fifa, world, blatter

Secondary Memes

Google announces Android Pay

Mihaita Bamburic, BetaNews — Apple Pay now has some serious competition, as Google today announced its own contactless payments solution, called Android Pay, at its Google I/O 2015 developer conference. Android Pay will "soon" be available, as an app, through Google Play. Android Pay will be an open platform, so developers will be able...

android, google, developer

Microsoft is updating the Xbox One controller with a 3.5mm headset port

Neowin — Microsoft's Xbox Support site now includes references to a 3.5mm audio port on Xbox One "controllers released after June 2015", hinting at a revised controller being launched at E3 next month. Read more...

xbox, controller, microsoft

Tertiary Memes

Windows 10: Around 1,500 testers at Microsoft are now on build 10130 (plus a few other stats)

Neowin — How many people test new Windows 10 builds inside Microsoft before they're released publicly? And how many...

apps, windows, microsoft

Cinven to buy Labco for $1.3 bln

Luisa Beltran, PE Hub Blog — Cinven said Thursday it has agreed to buy Labco. The deal has an enterprise value of 1.2 billion euros...

investment, capital, partners

Today At 1:30 P.M. ET, You Can Tour The British Museum On Periscope

Rose Pastore, Fast Company — The British museum will be showing off its Greek art through Twitter's live-streaming app.If you need a...

periscope, museum, live

Google Photos includes free unlimited storage

Chris Burns, SlashGear — With the introduction of Google's newest iteration of their app "Photos" comes the promise of Unlimited Photo...

photos, google, videos

Google Cardboard 2 is made for iPhone, and everyone

Chris Burns, SlashGear — Google reveals their second virtual reality headset for phones, a larger Google Cardboard. Clay Bavor of...

google, cardboard, virtual

Amazon Prime Includes Now Free Same-Day Delivery

i4u, I4U News — Amazon Prime has just added more value to members for those living in a Same-Day delivery area. Amazon gives...

amazon, free, prime

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