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updated at 2:23am on 5/30/2015

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Jeff John Roberts, Fortune » - Fortune — Ross Ulbricht was an Eagle Scout and a popular physics student who made a fateful decision to reinvent himself as the “Dread Pirate Roberts,” a pseudonym he used to operate a massive illegal online bazaar known as the Silk Road. It came crashing down hard on Friday as a federal judge in Manhattan...

ulbricht, silk, road

Secondary Memes

Windows 10 build 10130 rolled out with slightly less ugly icons

Peter Bright, Ars Technica — Another day, another Windows 10 build. This time it's number 10130, available now for fast ring users. As Microsoft heads towards an expected July release of Windows 10, the changes between builds are much reduced, with a focus instead of fixing bugs and small refinements to the user experience. The most...

windows, build, microsoft

MIT's jumping robot cheetah will keep you awake at night

Chris Perkins, Mashable — Engineers at MIT successfully tested their robotic cheetah's ability to autonomously jump over obstacles up to 18 inches tall, becoming the first four-legged robot to do so. The cheetah-inspired robot beat its own previous record of 13 inches, running at a speed of 5 miles per hour. See also: 25 Completely...

robot, cheetah, mit

Tertiary Memes

Google's Project Loon improves launch and range to expand its reach

Billy Steele, Engadget RSS Feed — Google's Project Loon internet balloons have been airborne for quite some time, and now the company is...

loon, project, google

Google's Project Vault is a secure computer stuffed into a microSD card

Raymond Wong, Mashable — Several years ago, Intel showed off Edison, a prototype of an entire low-powered computer contained inside of...

google, project, vault

Apple-Leased Vans Gathering Maps Info for Shift to In-House Mapping Database

Juli Clover, MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - Front Page — For the past several months, Apple-leased Dodge Caravans with equipment-laden roofs have been spotted driving...

apple, maps, data

Google to Cardboard developers: Keep it short and simple, and watch out for nausea

Fred O'Connor, PCWorld — Developers creating content for Google’s Cardboard virtual-reality system should look to short online...

cardboard, google, virtual

Facebook is finally letting you post a GIF as your status update

Biz Carson, Tech — GIFs have arrived on Facebook. The social network confirmed today that it is starting the rollout of...

facebook, gifs, support

Tim Cook donates 50,000 shares of Apple stock to charity

Dan Thorp-Lancaster, iMore - The #1 iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch blog — Apple CEO Tim Cook has donated 50,000 shares of Apple Stock to charity. Revealed in a Security and Exchange...

apple, cook, charities

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