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updated at 10:17am on 3/30/2015

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Mark Gurman, 9to5Mac — While the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition has been receiving a lot of attention due to its premium pricing and aesthetic, Apple will sell far more of the lower-priced Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport models, and has created a different customer journey for those customers, according to sources briefed on...

apple, watch, store

Secondary Memes

GitHub targeted by massive Chinese DDoS attack

Duncan Riley, SiliconANGLE — Git repository hosting service GitHub Inc., has been under a massive distributed denial of service (DDoS) since Thursday with China named as the culprit. GitHub said in a blog post that the DDoS attack was the largest in their history and explained that it involves a wide combination of attack vectors. The...

github, attack, ddos

How Apple's new MacBook gets nearly as much battery life as the MacBook Pro with a battery half the size

AppleInsider - Frontpage News — Apple has packed its all-new MacBook with some impressive technology, but its outstanding battery life -- nine hours from a single charge -- may be the most staggering. AppleInsider took a look under the hood to see how they could have done it.

macbook, apple, new

Tertiary Memes

Microsoft just dropped two trailers for 'Halo 5' and announced its release date (MSFT)

Dave Smith, Tech — The next installment of Microsoft's critically important "Halo" series is officially coming to the Xbox One...

halo, game, guardians

Pebble Time Kickstarter raised more than $20M with more than 95K watches pre-sold

Collen Kriel, SiliconANGLE — On February 24, Pebble Technology Corp. again took to Kickstarter to crowdfund its latest product, the Pebble...

pebble, kickstarter, time

Apple CEO Tim Cook blasts “religious freedom” laws

Chris Davies, SlashGear — Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken a public stance on anti-gay legislation being enacted in states across the US...

cook, law, indiana

Microsoft Outlook email address autofill error leaks passport details of 31 world leaders

SIMON THOMSEN, Business Insider Australia, Tech — When it comes to bureaucratic screw-ups, the Guardian Australia has just published the astonishing details of...

person, leaders, details

Kanye West, Rihanna and Jay Z turn Twitter blue in #TIDALforALL promotion

Stuart Dredge, Technology | The Guardian — Not a charity campaign, but marketing support for the rapper’s imminent relaunch of Spotify rival Tidal...

music, streaming, turn

Schools threaten to report parents that let their kids play 18  games

Nick Summers, Engadget RSS Feed — If your child is playing 18-rated games such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, you could be reported to...

games, parents, rated


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