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updated at 7:25pm on 8/29/2015

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Reuters, VentureBeat — (By Joseph Menn and Heather Somerville, Reuters) – Uber has hired two top vehicle security researchers, the company said on Friday, high-profile additions that come as the ride-hailing service ramps up its work on technology for self-driving cars. Charlie Miller, who had been working at Twitter, and Chris...

uber, security, researchers

Secondary Memes

Microsoft may offer some Windows 10 patch notes to enterprises

Blair Hanley Frank, Network World — IT administrators may get more information than originally planned about Windows 10 patches, as Microsoft ponders how much to tell business customers about modifications to the new OS."We've heard that feedback from enterprise customers so we're actively working on how we provide them with information about...

windows, microsoft, surface

Apple reportedly threatens $20M suit if Drake video stream appears on Tidal

Mark Sullivan, VentureBeat — Apple apparently didn’t like its new music service’s poster boy, Drake, appearing on a rival music service. The music service Tidal was set up to stream Lil Wayne’s Lil Weezyana Festival in New Orleans Friday night, but a problem occurred when Drake made a surprise appearance at the end. The video...

apple, watch, new

Tertiary Memes

Popping champagne cork causes emergency landing of jet

Chris Matyszczyk, CNET News — Technically Incorrect: A member of the cabin crew opens a champagne bottle. The cork flies into the plane's...

champagne, cork, incorrect

Razer announces Wildcat for Xbox One -- a pricey 'tournament-grade' controller

Brian Fagioli, BetaNews — Unlike on PC, console gamers have far fewer options to gain an advantage by buying hardware. PC gamers, for...

controller, razer, xbox

Twitter Made Its Diversity Goals Public, But They Aren't Very Drastic

Neal Ungerleider, Fast Company — The company's hiring goals are not exactly ambitious when compared against its existing diversity...

twitter, diversity, companies

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Beta Now Open to All on PC, Xbox One

Softpedia News (Andrei Dobra), Softpedia News > Global — Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 developer Treyarch confirms that the multiplayer beta stage for the first-person...

beta, black, xbox

Ashley Madison Hack Eventually Forces Its Annoying CEO to Resign

Softpedia News (Catalin Cimpanu), Softpedia News > Global — Noel Biderman, Ashley Madison's CEO during the recent hacking scandal, has stepped down in a mutual agreement...

companies, madison, biderman

Check out some Star Wars gameplay from Disney Infinity 3.0

Stephany Nunneley, VG247 — As promised yesterday, here’s a look at Star Wars gameplay from Disney Infinity 3.0. Arekkz Gaming released...

infinity, game, look

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