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‘They’re sentencing me to death’: Medicaid recipients on the Republican healthcare plan

The Guardian interviewed people from across the country who have relied on the coverage for life-saving assistance and what could happen if they lose itOn Thursday, Senate Republicans unveiled legislation that would satisfy a long-held campaign promise: the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The plan would also achieve another GOP priority: deep cuts to Medicaid, a program that covers the...

World news | The Guardian World news | The Guardian 6/25/2017 7:00am

GOP's Obamacare repeal bills threaten huge disruptions across the health care system

Congressional Republicans, who for years blasted the Affordable Care Act for disrupting Americans’ health care, are now pushing changes that threaten to not only strip health coverage from millions, but also upend insurance markets, cripple state ...

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GOP senators call for more time to debate, change health care bill

Two Republican critics of the Senate's health care bill expressed strong doubts Sunday that the legislation can make it through the chamber before the July 4 recess, as the GOP leadership wants. - RSS Channel - RSS Channel 6/25/2017 4:53pm
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Sixty towers across England found to have unsafe cladding

Officials confirm 60 high-rise buildings in 25 different areas of England have failed tests being carried out on hundreds of buildingsTests in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster have revealed that 60 high-rise buildings in 25 different areas of England are unsafe, the government has announced. Related: Grenfell Tower victims 'murdered by political decisions' – John McDonnell Continue read...

World news | The Guardian World news | The Guardian 6/25/2017 12:48pm
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Several dead, dozens missing after tourist boat sinks in Colombia

Nine people were dead and 28 missing after a tourist ferry packed with around 170 passengers for the holiday weekend capsized Sunday on a reservoir near the Colombian city of Medellin, officials said.

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Crowd catches teen who fell 25 feet from New York park ride; no serious injury

A teenager fell about 25 feet from a stopped gondola ride at an upstate New York amusement park Saturday night, tumbling into a crowd of park guests and employees gathered below to catch her before she hit the ground. The unidentified 14-year-old girl from Greenwood, Delaware, was taken to Albany...

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The Fate of Trump’s Travel Ban Could be Decided This Week

The Supreme Court's decision is imminent

TIME TIME 6/25/2017 10:49am