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updated at 1:21am on 7/28/2015

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Lance Ulanoff, Mashable — Robots probably won't kill people, but people could kill people with robots. That's the concern of an open letter signed by scientists and other interested parties — including Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and Stephen Hawking Here's what the letter said: If any major military power pushes ahead with AI weapon...

hawking, letter, weapons

Secondary Memes

Windows 10 adds full support for Canadian French, Mexican Spanish

Blair Hanley Frank, Network World — Mexican PC owners will be able to say “hola” to Microsoft’s new operating system in a whole new way when it launches on Wednesday, thanks to language support added to Windows 10.The major update for Windows includes full localization for Mexican Spanish and Canadian French, which means that all the...

windows, microsoft, update

OnePlus finally reveals the OnePlus 2, its 'flagship killer', starting at $329

Karissa Bell, Mashable — One of the most hyped Android phones of the year has arrivedOnePlus, the Chinese startup behind the popular OnePlus One, has finally revealed its next flagship — and it doesn't disappoint With a refreshed set of flagship-worthy specs and a new operating system, the OnePlus 2 manages to build on all the...

oneplus, phone, new

Tertiary Memes

Shoveling more dirt onto Google ’s grave

Brad Reed, BGR — A little more than four years ago, Google unveiled Google , an awkwardly named social network that Google...

google, youtube, users

Razer OUYA acquisition is all about games

Chris Burns, SlashGear — Here's why being acquired by a company like Razer is great: not only will OUYA continue to be made in...

ouya, razer, games

Motorola Moto X (3rd Gen) to Pack 5.5-Inch FHD Display, 21MP Camera, 3,600 mAh Battery

Softpedia News (Cosmin Vasile), Softpedia News > Global — Motorola is rumored to launch a few Android smartphones in the next couple of days and the latest hearsay...

moto, motorola, leaks

Google, Apple, Microsoft pledge to fight climate change

Brittany Hillen, SlashGear — Major businesses, including several tech companies, have taken up the White House's pledge to help combat...

climate, companies, change

Baidu shares nosedive after earnings whiff

Subrat Patnaik and Paul Carsten, Tech — (Reuters) - Baidu Inc's quarterly profit missed analysts' estimates as China's biggest Internet search...

revenue, quarter, baidu

Fan mashup pits Katniss against Jon in 'The Hunger Game of Thrones'

Anthony Domanico, CNET News — It's Katniss Everdeen versus Jon Snow in an epic battle to the death in this fan-made parody trailer for "The...

game, thrones, jon

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