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Twitter Search Gets Smarter, Adds Autocomplete

Chris Taylor, Mashable! — In the age of Google Instant, where we expect search results to complete themselves before we're done typing, Twitter's search feature has long seemed a little slow and dumb. Can't it guess at what search term or person you're looking for? Can't it autocorrect your spelling? Can't it just search among the tweets of people you follow? Well, now you can do all of that, in theory. The microblogging service...

Commonly Occuring Words

'search' occurs 2346 times in 100.0% of the documents
2346 occurances in 17 of 17 documents
'twitter' occurs 2187 times in 100.0% of the documents
2187 occurances in 17 of 17 documents
'results' occurs 801 times in 58.8235294117647% of the documents
801 occurances in 10 of 17 documents

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